List of Chain Restaurants That Are Open on Christmas Day

List of Chain Restaurants That Are Open on Christmas Day

Most people are staying home today, probably opening Christmas gifts and enjoying some nice meals. Those family gathering are probably much smaller than usual due to the travel restrictions and CDC recommendations. Many stores and businesses are usually closed today, but if you want to go out and enjoy a meal or a drink, you still have some options. There are chain restaurants open on Christmas Day.

Several establishments are keeping their doors open today. Hours might vary based on location and you should also be aware of local regulations for dining. Indoor dining might not be an option in several states and dining outdoors might not be a pleasant activity depending on the weather.

Here’s the list of all the options that you have on Christmas Day:

Several fast food chains and coffee shops will also be open. That includes Starbucks, Dunkin’ McDonald’s, Burger King and Popeye. It’s often a franchise decision whether a restaurant opens on holidays so check with your closest location before heading out. Also don’t forget to bring one of the best credit cards for restaurants purchases.

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