Capital One Spark Cash, $1,000 Bonus with $10K Spend In 3 Months (Targeted)

Capital One has an increased increased bonus for the Spark Cash Visa Business Card. This is a targeted offer that could get you $1,000 in cash and was sent put by email.

Capital One Spark 1000 bonus

Spark Cash $1,000 Bonus

Earn a one-time $1000 cash bonus once you spend $10,000 on purchases within 3 months from account opening.

$0 intro for the first year, $59 after that.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

The offer is targeted so you need to have received an email in order to qualify. But there’s a couple of issues with this offer even if you are targeted. Capital One pulls from all three credit bureaus when you apply for a credit card. You could freeze Experian or Transunion and they will still approve you with only two pulls. And the fact that Capital One business card report to personal credit reports. If you’re worried about 5/24, then this card might not be for you.

Then there’s the spending requirement. You need to spend $10K in three months, which is not something everyone can do. So keep that in mind before applying and make sure you have the means to complete it.

With that said, a $1,000 signup bonus is rare for a credit card. That bonus basically gives you 10% back, but since the card also earns 2% cashback everywhere, you will be earning 12% on $10K spending for a total bonus of $1,200. And the annual fee is waived for the first year. The regular offer on the Capital One Spark Cash Visa Business Card is $500.

HT: Doctor of Credit

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