British Airways Settlement, Get up to 35K Avios For Award Flights Booked 2006-2013

British Airways Settlement

A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit against British Airways. In the lawsuit, Plaintiffs allege that British Airways charged fuel surcharges on award flights to members of its frequent flyer program that breached its contract. The Court has not decided who is right. Both parties have agreed to a settlement. This British Airways Settlement applies to people who have booked award flights before 2013.

British Airways Settlement

Who’s Eligible?

If you received the Class Notice in the mail, it indicates that you may be a Settlement Class Member. The Settlement Class includes all United States resident Executive Club Members who redeemed Avios for an award ticket from November 9, 2006 through April 17, 2013 and paid a BA-imposed fuel surcharge. A United States resident Executive Club Member and a valid United States address must have been provided at the time of booking.

How Much Do I Get?

Settlement Class Members with an Active Executive Club account will automatically have between 12,500 and 35,000 Avios (depending on how many times they redeemed Avios during the Class Period) placed in their accounts or, they may elect to receive a payment of 16.9% of the total fuel surcharges they paid in cash for all award tickets they purchased during the Class Period, with a minimum payment of $5.00 by filing a Valid Claim.  Settlement Class Members without an active Executive Club account may be eligible to receive the Cash Option.  If you’re eligible you can see the amount of Avios (if applicable) or cash you will receive and file a claim here.

Settlement Details

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