Breeze Airways Wants to Expand to Mexico

Breeze Airways Wants to Expand to Mexico

Breeze Airways is about to turn two years old after launching its inaugural flight from Tampa International Airport to Charleston International Airport on May 27, 2021. Since then Breeze has added many more destinations around the country, with its latest additions bringing the total to 34

While the airline cut a popular route recently, it is now looking to expand across the border. Breeze Airways has applied to the US Department of Transportation for permission to fly to Mexico with weekly service from Los Angeles International (LAX) to Los Cabos (SJD) using the 137-seat A220-300. The application specifies just one route, but if approved, the airline can serve any other airports between the two countries.

Normally the approval process is just a formality, so we could soon have more cheap fares between the US and Mexico. However, flying from Los Angeles to Los Cabos might not the real goal for Breeze Airways as its business model is to fly unserved and underserved routes. Maybe the airline doesn’t want to reveal its exact routes just yet.

The Los Angeles to Los Cabos route is presently congested, with established players like American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, and United Airlines offering service between the two sought-after destinations. Breeze may consider entering the market, but only if they can offer significantly cheaper fares than the current competitors.

According to Breeze’s application, they plan to offer 7,124 seats for sale each way for their year-round service, with an anticipated passenger count of 5,720 per direction. This would result in an average annual seat load factor of 80.3%. Breeze also predicts that in the first year, they will generate a total revenue of $755,040.

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