19 thoughts on “[Expired] BMO Harris, $200 Checking Account Bonus (Select States)

  1. Actually, this can be opened online but this offer is not nationwide as stated above but limited to states that they have retail branches in.

    From the link above to their website:

    “If you are opening your account online or by phone, you must reside in a state that BMO Harris operates retail branches and use that address to open the account. BMO Harris currently operates retail branches in AZ, FL, IL, IN, KS, MO, MN and WI”.

    I also called and emailed them to see if I could get the bonus if I applied in a branch while visiting one of the listed states but they said no, you have to reside in one of the listed states.

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  3. There’s a lot of DPs on Doc now, many are still waiting on their bonus from March and some have already been told their ACH transfer from another bank did not qualify as DD. I was told this when opening the account so I’m not surprised they ENFORCED qualified DD according to THEIR terms. Some of those with legit DDs also have to fight to get their bonuses after 120 days.

    I closed my account right after my bonus posted. I have removed this bank from my list of churn-able banks. LOL

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  6. As a data point, I did the $250 bonus with BMO Harris last year and a transfer from Ally Bank triggered the bonus about 40 days after the transfer. That would give someone enough time to try a bank ACH transfer before setting up a “real” direct deposit within 90 days to see if you get the bonus. Might be worth it to see if it works for you. And yes, they are a hassle to deal with, but once setup, had no problems with them.

      • I called them to apply. They sent me confirmation that I was approved that took about 5 days to get to me. After I received the confirmation from them, they requested the signature card, copy of my driver’s license and the e-mail confirmation of the promo bonus code be mailed to them along with a check for the opening deposit. Took a couple more days to get online banking setup and my check to show deposited.

  7. Is there actually a widely-accepted definition of just what constitutes — or does not constitute — a direct deposit?

  8. I opened this account over the phone last month and it felt like third degree questioning….no kidding. For those who cannot come up with REAL direct deposits that satisfies them, think twice before opening this account. I was told by the banker that ONLY real DD will trigger the bonus and they reserve the right to ask for documentation when in doubt. Therefore, for those who are planning to use ACH from another bank hoping it’ll qualify, don’t be surprise later if they refuse to give you the bonus. Just know you’re taking a risk, we never know if they’ll really enforce their terms to ask for documentation.

    I asked if I can use a CC for the initial deposit and was told to wait for my welcome packet with the accompanying envelope to put my personal check for the initial deposit. It may be different now but that’s my experience with the initial deposit. Once they received the deposit, it took a week for it to clear and become available for withdrawal.

    My personal assessment of this bank is it’s not one of those I’ll keep open after I get my bonus.

    • Thank yo so much Mimi for the detailed info. I have yet to have an account with them, so I was just going by DPs i was reading online. I’ll update the post with a stronger worded warning.

      • you’re welcome Danny, I follow your blog.

        Is there anyway to contact you via email? I searched for a link but couldn’t find it. I’d like to contribute to your blog to thank you for valuable info you share.

        • Thanks Mimi I really appreciate that. There’s a link for email on the page, just under that long vertical ad on the right side. Along with Twitter, Facebook etc icons. I had the same question asked a few days ago. I guess it’s hard to find. I should make it more visible. I’ve also started posting a link to my email at the end of some posts, mainly the bank deals.

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