BJ’s Membership Discount: 12 Months for $25 (2% Cashback Membership for $65)

BJ’s Membership Discount

BJ’s Membership Discount: 12 Months for $25

BJ’s Wholesale Club has an offer for discounted 12-month membership. Their Inner Circle Membership costs $55 for one year, but right now you can purchase it for just $25. You can also add a free second card for a household member, even when using this BJ’s membership discount.

For $40 more, you can upgrade to the BJ’s Perks Rewards membership. With this membership you earn 2% cashback on everything. To decide whether to get the Inner Circle Membership for $25 or the Perks Rewards Membership for $65, you need to figure out how much you spend at BJ’s in a year. The difference in price is $40, so you would need to spend $2,000 or more to make up that difference with 2% cashback. The cashback is issued in $20 increments. The good thing is that gift card purchases earn 2% back as well, and they run deals often.

BJ's Membership

Offer Terms

  • Must signup for BJ’s Easy Renewal
  • Offer not valid in Roanoke, VA; Tampa FL; or Clearwater FL clubs

Guru’s Wrap-up

This is a good BJ’s membership discount deal for those who want to shop at BJ’s. If you do all your shopping there and plan to spend at least $2K in a year, then consider signing up for the Perks Rewards Membership for $65, so you can earn 2% cashback on all purchases. You can also pay $10 for a online only membership if you do not have a location nearby.

Keep in mind that sometimes we also see deals from Groupon where you can get the membership for $20. This is more straightforward, but you’re paying $5 more. Either way, make sure you set e reminder to cancel before the membership auto renews.

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