Bitmo, Get 15% Off Three $100 Gift Cards

New Bitmo sale with 15% off gift cards. You need to use promo code MERRY15. Limit 3 while supplies last. Amazon is no longer an option, but you should be able to find other brands worth buying.

bitmo 15% off gift cards

Offer Terms

  • Promotion valid through 12/19/18 while supplies last.
  • Promo code MERRY15 is valid for 15% savings on (1) gift card valued $5 – $100.
  • Limit 3 per user.
  • Valid payment method required.
  • Please allow 1-2 business days for delivery. 

Guru’s Wrap-Up

You need to connect a bank account in order to purchase gift cards from Bitmo. The app does have some good discounts from time to time, so it’s up to you if you think it’s worth the risk.

RebatesMe $40 bonus

3 thoughts on “Bitmo, Get 15% Off Three $100 Gift Cards

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  2. Yes, I know you’ve been a big fan of Bitmo, and you regularly post their deals….. I also remember your early May post telling us that you were sure many of us wouldn’t like using an app that gave direct access, with passwords, to our checking accounts. (and yes, that’s been a total non-starter for me)

    Yet tell us why again many of us apparently would want to do business with Bitmo? What’s the attraction, the benefit other than a few coints — given that

    1. I gather we’re not using credit cards for the purchase — and thus no cc spending benefit. No?
    2. Major vulnerability to our checking account security.

    What am I missing?

    • Not missing much. But they’re popular for the discounts they offer, and I get some emails from readers that send me the new discount codes.
      I really don’t purchase much from them anymore since they got rid of Amazon.

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