Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card Deal, Get $25 Card When You Purchase $200 Visa/Mastercard Denominations

Bed Bath & Beyond will be running a generous promotion during Black Friday weekend again this year with a rebate on Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards. From 11/24/17–11/27/17 you will receive a $25 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card with the purchase of a $200 Visa or Mastercard Gift Card.

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Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card Deal

Offer Terms

  • Valid: 11/24/17–11/27/17
  • Limit 2 per household


These $200 gift cards cards have a $6.95 fee, meaning you will profit $18.05, assuming face value for Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Cards, plus any rewards earned from your credit card, which should be at least 2%. Even if you don’t have to make any purchases at Bed Bath & Beyond, you should be able to sell the $25 gift card for $21-$22, which still gives you a profit of about $14-$15 per $200 VGC.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Last year they offered the same rebate around the same time, but it came in the form of a Visa Card. But even this year, the offer is very good, especially is you often shop at Bed Bath & Beyond, since you can get face value from the rebate. Set e reminder for 11/24, so you don’t forget about this.


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