Earn Extra 1X MR Point At Lots Of Merchants Till 12/31/2017

American Express often releases Amex Offers that give you an extra Membership Rewards point when you shop at certain merchants. These offers usually show up in the Amex Offers section but now you’re able to see all these merchants in one place.

Offers Page

amex offers extra membership rewards

Earn an additional Membership Rewards point for each dollar you spend with your eligible Card at top brands through December 31, 2017. Separate enrollment required for each offer.

Adding Offers

Most people will probably already added these offers to their American Express cards when they first came out. But you can also use the link above to add offers to cards, including the Amex Blue Business Plus card which hasn’t received any Amex Offers at all since it was released.

To add the offers to a card, the card must be the primary card on the account or have its own log in to make things easier. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in your Account
  2. Go to 2X offers page
  3. Click on the logo of the merchant
  4. Click add to card

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Not all these offers will be useful. Sometimes you can do better with other cards, at Staples for example. But for some merchants it makes sense, especially when you can stack them with other Amex Offers, such as for Best Buy or Boxed. These offers are more useful for Amex card that already earn more than 1X everywhere such as Blue for Business, Blue Business Plus and Everyday Preferred.

HT: FrequentMiler and Doctor of Credit

2 thoughts on “Earn Extra 1X MR Point At Lots Of Merchants Till 12/31/2017

  1. dan if i already get 2x on my amex blue and add 1x rite aid offer, that’s 3x at rite aid…………never bought gift cards there………is this a good option for 3x earning of M.R. ? any insight on liquidating VGC…………….thanks for all you do, THE HECKLER

    • If you have an Old Blue Cash card you can get 5% after some spending. Walmart and Kmart are probably the most common options. Either MOs or Bill Pay.

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