American Airlines Business Extra Website Now Lets You Book and Upgrade Online

The American Airlines Business Extra is a program where businesses can earn points for flights booked for their employees. This is a separate from American AAdvantage program. But the good thing is that the points earned are in addition to the miles earned by travelers. The business can redeem the points earned for free flights, flight upgrades, club membership, elite status and more.

American Airlines Business Extra update

Now they have made it easier to book. Before you needed to call for most transactions. With the website redesign, it’s possible to book flights or upgrades directly. There’s still limitations though. The system won’t let you apply an upgrade to a reservation with more than one traveler. There’s also some issues with finding your trips. I guess some more work needs to be done, but it’s definitely easier than before.

Ready to book award travel?

  1. Log in to
  2. Click ‘Book Award Travel’ (upper right corner)
  3. Start shopping and booking


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