Amazon Launches Flight Booking Service in India

Amazon is expanding into new territory. The retail giant is launching a flight-booking service in India. It has partnered with Mumbai-based travel and leisure activities platform Cleartrip to offer domestic routes on carriers such as Vistara UK, GoAir, SpiceJet and IndiGo.

Amazon Launches Flight Booking Service in India

The new Amazon service is being advertised as a seamless booking process using Amazon Pay India along with transparent pricing and low cancellations fees. Amazon Pay users in India can see the flights icon on the Amazon Pay page and the Amazon mobile app. But the booking will be completed on Cleartrip.

With the new Amazon flight booking serviuce, travelers can also get cash back for a flight purchase on Cleartrip with a higher rebate going to Prime members, as per T+L.

This is an interesting move from Amazon, but not the first into the travel industry. This time around it is going with a partner, unlike its now defunct hotel booking service which it offered on its own. Amazon could expand these flight offerings in other emerging markets where big brand names don’t have the same grip on the industry.

Will wee see it in the United States? 🤷

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