All-In-One Stratos Card

An All-In-One Card enables you to carry all your cards without carrying all your cards. You connect all your credit cards, loyalty cards and various other cards that and just carry this one card that contains all the data you need. Stratos card is one of these cards.

The card isn’t available yet, but it should be in April of 2015. They do have an website though, where that show you what thi card is about.

Stratos Card

You get your Stratos card and reader. The reader plugs into your mobile smart phone (via the audiojack). You then scan all of the credit, debit, gift, loyalty, membership cards and everything else you have. The information is then encrypted and stored on your phone. You can select up to three cards that you want to load onto the Stratos card (you can switch out these cards at any time). When you want to use one of the cards that’s stored on your Stratos card you tap the card (against any hard surface) and hold onto one of the buttons (which is associated with one of the three cards you have loaded onto the card) while you swipe your card. Double tap your Stratos Card to receive instant suggestions on which card to use based on your location and history.

Watch the video to see it in action

Card Details

  • Annual Fee: $95 per year. $149 per year for two cards
  • Add credit, debit, loyalty, gift and membership cards into Stratos – and leave them at home.
  • The Dual Stripe technology in your Stratos Card works everywhere your cards do. Stratos is accepted in stores, coffee shops, ATMs, gas pumps, parking meters, airport kiosks and more.
  • Stratos uses bank-level encryption and never displays your card numbers. And you can set your Stratos Card to lock down if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Double tap your Stratos Card to receive instant suggestions on which card to use based on your location* and history. The more you use Stratos, the smarter it gets.

Obviously we’ll have to wait and see them in action. The idea is great but without getting some customer feedback, it will be hard to decide their value.

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