Aldi Supermarkets Start Accepting Credit Cards

The German grocery chain Aldi offers cheap prices but until recently, only accepted cash and debit cards as forms of payment. That probably kept a few people away, since they couldn’t earn a 5% category bonus. But even without that 5%, Aldi was probably the better choice due to their low prices.


Now they have started accepting Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, so if you have one near you, you might want to check it out. There’s 6 of them in NYC and you can look for the one nearest you at their store locator. Based on a comparison done last year between Aldi’s and Walmart’s prices in Manhattan showed Aldi’s basket as 22% cheaper.

Is there a catch? Probably the only negative is that you might not always find everything you want. They don’t carry any brand names and usually have only about 5% of the inventory found in traditional grocery stores.

How Can they Offer These Low Prices?

  • Aldi sticks to private labels and offers fewer items than the typical grocery store (similar to Costco)
  • Aldi uses boxes instead of shelves, which makes restocking quicker
  • Stores utilize natural and energy efficient lighting to cut down on utility costs
  • Maximized efficiency that requires fewer employees
  • Bring your own bag, or pay for bags (I believe 10-20 cents)
  • Customers pay a quarter deposit to use shopping carts. You place your cart back and get your quarter back

Do you shop at Aldi? Let us know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Aldi Supermarkets Start Accepting Credit Cards

  1. Do you think Aldi will be categorized by CC as Groceries? Similar chains (Save A Lot, Food Basics, and Bottom Dollar that was bought by Aldi) are/were shown up as some other category and were not entitled to 5%.

    • I haven’t shopped at any of those stores, so I wouldn’t know. But Aldi showed up as groceries when I used my Chime card there and Trader Joe (owned by Aldi I believe) shows as groceries as well.

      Best way is to just test it yourself. It might even vary from one location to next.

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