New Tool Tells You Which Airlines Offer Meals and Hotel Accommodations for Delays

Airlines Offer Meals and Hotel Delays

Which Airlines Offer Meals and Hotel Accommodations for Delays

The U.S. Department of Transportation has created a dashboard to ensure that travelers have easy access to information about services that U.S. airlines provide when the cause of a cancellation or delay was due to circumstances within the airline’s control.

The move was announced two weeks ago, and the website is now live. It comes as Americans have experienced an unacceptable level of flight delays and cancellations this year, especially over the early summer months. When these disruptions occur, it’s often difficult to figure out if you will receive a meal voucher and hotel accommodations from the airline.

The new dashboard gives passengers “more transparency about what airlines owe them when there is a delay or cancellation due to staffing or mechanical problems”, the White House said in a statement.

A green check mark on the dashboard means an airline has committed to providing that service or amenity to its customers. A red “x” means the airline has not made that commitment. However, airlines with a red “x” may provide these services and amenities in some instances in their discretion.

Before the announcement of this new tool by Department of Transportation, there were significantly more red X’s across the table. Now eight of the top airlines cover hotels and nine of them cover meals. Before, just one airline guaranteed they would rebook you at no cost. Now, 9 out of the 10 do so.

You can access the dashboard here, or download an accessible version in PDF format.

Delays and Cancellations, Know Your Rights

Airlines are required to adhere to the promises that they make in their customer service plan, including commitments to care for customers in the event of controllable delays or cancellations. The Department of Transportation says it will hold airlines accountable if they fail to do so.

You should also be aware that these commitments by airlines do not impact your entitlement to a refund. If an airline cancels a passenger’s flight or makes a significant change in the flight, regardless of the reason, airlines are required to provide a prompt refund to a ticketed passenger, including those with non-refundable tickets, should the passenger choose not to accept the alternative offered, such as rebooking on another flight.

Learn more about your right to a refund. If you have a problem obtaining a refund that you believe that you are entitled to receive, you may file a complaint with the DOT.

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Airlines’ Customer Service Plans

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