$65 Flights To Europe From Northeast

Norwegian Air announced today that they will launch new nonstop European flights from three small Northeast airports, adding 10 new trans-Atlantic routes. These fare will initially go on sale for just $65 one way. That’s even cheaper than the eye popping $69 fares they sometimes offer on their current routes.


Boeing 737-33S operated by Norwegian Air (AFP PHOTO / NTB scanpix/ AAS, ERLEND NORWAY OUT (Photo credit should read AAS, ERLEND/AFP/Getty Images)

They revealed plans for five trans-Atlantic routes from Providence, one from Hartford, Conn. and four from Newburgh, N.Y.. The new routes include destinations in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, N.Y. is less than an hour drive from NYC and Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Conn. is about two hours away. So these could be great options for those in the tri-state area.

These new routes will kick off in June, with the $65 one-way price available only for the first leg to Europe. The special return base fares will run €69 or £69, depending on the destination, but taxes should bring the cost up to $300.

The $65 prices are not expected to last long. Norwegian says its lowest fares on the routes will start at $99 one way in the long term. (more info at USA Today)

Keep in mind that Norwegian charges fees for lots of things you might get for free on other airlines. The lowest fares don’t include advance seat assignment or meals and you’re only allowed a small carry on item.

New Routes


  • Edinburgh: Begins June 16; four weekly flights in the summer, two during the winter.
  • Belfast: Begins July 1; Two weekly flights during summer. No wintertime service.
  • Cork: Begins July 1: Three weekly flights during summer, two during winter.
  • Dublin: Begins July 2: Five weekly flights during summer, three during winter.
  • Shannon: Begins July 3: Two weekly flights year-round.

Newburgh/Stewart International, N.Y.

  • Edinburgh: Begins June 15: One daily round-trip flight, year-round.
  • Belfast: Begins July 1; Three  weekly flights during summer, two during winter.
  • Dublin: Begins July 1: Daily service during summer, three weekly flights during winter.
  • Shannon: Begins July 2: Two weekly flights year-round.


  • Edinburgh: Begins June 17: Three  weekly flights during summer, two during winter.

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