3x 2-Day eBay Bucks Promotion (Targeted)

I received an email from eBay today with the latest eBay Bucks promotion. The Promotion starts at 8:00AM PT on August 17, 2015, and ends at 11:59PM PT on August 18, 2015. During the promotion you earn 3x in eBay Bucks with translates into 6% savings on every qualifying single item of $100 or more.

eBay Bucks 3x

These offers are targeted and you need to receive the email in order to qualify. I don’t get these too often, but I’ve received the two recent offers so I guess my luck is changing. It might have to do with my increased spending on eBay.

Keep in mind that you don’t earn eBay Bucks when buying eBay gift cards, so the offer should be used to purchase other merchant’s gift cards that can be sold for a profit.

This offer has great timing with the two other ongoing deals

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