Enter to Win a $300 Hotels.com Gift Cards (15 Available)

$300 Hotels.com Gift Cards

Enter to Win a $300 Hotels.com Gift Cards

Hotels.com has a gift card giveaway sweepstakes for Valentine’s Day. They’re also giving you the option to get some closure and sweet revenge for the former flame who did you wrong.

Here’s the details:

  • Visit hotels.com/vdaydumpsterstay now through February 12 at 8 a.m. to tell us why your ex deserves a stay in the dumps and where your dreamiest hotel stay would be
  • You’ll receive a totally fictional yet equally satisfying booking confirmation email (see below) for your ex’s figurative V-Day Dumpster Stay
  • In return, you’ll be entered to win a suite reward for yourself in the form of a $300 Hotels.com gift card (with no expiration – so it’s ready for check-in when you are) just in time for a self-love filled Valentine’s Day

Anyone can enter, you don’t have to really have a trashy ex. But you get the chance to be one of the lucky 15 winners to snag a $300 Hotels.com gift card for your own ‘get over them’ getaway.

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5 thoughts on “Enter to Win a $300 Hotels.com Gift Cards (15 Available)

  1. Link doesn’t exist for this offer and hotels.com never head of this offer. The link is broken and leads to an “404 error this page doesn’t exist “ . Very disappointed.
    Where did you find this offer ? Hotels.com knows nothing about it . Link broken. Non existent offer, waste of time . Please provide a link that works ! The link you provide leads to dubious page called FLEXOFFERS and says page doesn’t exist !

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