You Might Have 100K Cap for Amex Referrals and Not Know It

100K Cap for Amex Referrals

100K Cap for Amex Referrals

American Express recently increased the maximum you can earn annually from referrals. That limit has always been 55,000 points or $550, but some people can now get up to 100,000 or $1,000 from referrals.

To see your referral bonus and the annual cap, you can visit this link. When I check my Amex Business Gold account for example, I see that I can earn 25,000 membership Rewards points for every referral, up to 55,000 points calendar year.

But even though it shows a 55,000 annual cap online, I apparently have been given the chance to earn up to 100,000 points through referrals this year. I learned this when I received, to my surprise, a third email congratulating me about completing a referral. “Congratulations! You’ve Earned Rewards”.

I thought it was a mistake, but upon further inspection, my annual cap has been increased to 100,000 membership Rewards. As you can see from the tracker in the email, I have already received three referrals for 25,000 points each, for a maximum of 75,000 points. And I have 25,000 more to go.

Guru’s Wrap-up

Even if you referral cap shows 55,000 online, you might have been targeted with an increased limit for this year. Keep an eye on those Amex emails and check the referral bonus tracker to see the true limit.

Rik also reported in our Facebook Group that he was able to check with a chat agent and was told that his limit is 100K, even though it shoed 55K online. He was also told to stay tuned and should see his referrals updated on March 9th. Maybe the limit will be going up for everyone?

Learn more about American Express referrals, and let me know if you have come across the same pleasant surprise!

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