Bad News! Liquidating Visa Gift Cards at Walmart/Kroger Just Got Much Harder

Bad News! Liquidating Visa Gift Cards Just Got Much Harder

11/12/20 Update

MetaBank Visa gift cards purchased from Staples are not working for Money order purchases at Kroger either. They are supposedly updating their systems, but that has been going on for a few days now.

If  Walmart is one of your main avenues for liquidating MetaBank Visa gift cards, then you pay attention to some recent data points. It was previously reported that a limit of $400 limit was put in place at Walmart. But now things have gotten much worse. Either today or yesterday, it seems that the limit has been lowered drastically to just $49.99 per swipe, same as the limit for Vanilla cards.

As mentioned above, this applied to MetaBank Visa gift cards for now. These are Visa gift cards that you would buy from Staples for example with the current promotion. Other Visa cards I believe are still working fine for now.

Just a couple of days ago there were also issues reported for liquidating Visa gift cards at Kroger, Albertsons and their affiliate stores.

I suggest holding on on buying any more MetaBank Visa gift cards for now, if Walmart was your only way to liquidate them. With a limit of $49.99 it doesn’t make sense to make a trip to Walmart anymore.

Read more data points here at FlyerTalk and also let me know if you have experienced these issues yourself today or in the last few days.

3 thoughts on “Bad News! Liquidating Visa Gift Cards at Walmart/Kroger Just Got Much Harder

      • Montana, BUT… today (11/12) my $200 cards were declined. Actually, the 2nd one I tried was approved, for some strange reason. My friends there were more surprised than I was, said they hadn’t gotten any notice of a change in policy. (After a 2-week sale at Staples, I am stuck with A LOT of cards.)

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