Target Deactivating Gift Cards Again

Target had their annual gift card sale yestarday. The terms of the offer stated a limit of $300 per household, but as it’s been the case in the past, you were able to do multiple transactions and go over that limit. Especially in stores people can easily do 4 and 5 figures. But there’s always risks when you don’t follow the terms.

Target Deactivating Gift Cards

In the past couple of years Target deactivated many gift cards, mostly when people did very large amounts and on the same credit card. Using different cards was safe if I remember correctly.

Looks like that’s the case again this year. Let me know in the comments if any of your cards were deactivated and any other info that you can provide as data points. If you followed the terms you should be fine and even if you stayed within the limit with each credit card, you most likely will be OK.

You can check your gift card balances here.

10 thoughts on “Target Deactivating Gift Cards Again

  1. I have gift cards that I got as wedding presents that have been deactivated. I got married in July of 2016. Some of them have $0 balances that I never got rid of. One of them, though, had over $300 on it. I combined 2 e-gift cards onto that card, so I could keep everything together. I called about it today and they said they deactivated it. I know I didn’t use all of that gift card. But they can only tell me the last transaction that I used it on May of 2017 for $118. They said they can’t see anything else on the card. I know the gift card was bought with cash, because of who it was from. Is there anything I can do?

  2. Based on my experience and a couple of my buddies i have this theory. They are canceling gcs if you bought more than 4 or 5 times with same cc. Store doesn’t matter. Cards that were used 2 or 3 times don’t have any issues for me. 3 cards that i used 4x 5x and 8x have gcs canceled. Anyone has any counter dps?

  3. A couple of my cards were zeroed out. I used same card but at different stores. I Thought that was ok last year. Got over 10k total on separate cards. Those are all ok

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