Buy $100 Lowe’s Gift Card on Swych, Get $10 Bonus

Swych app has a new deal for Lowe’s gift cards. If you buy a $100 Lowe’s promo card and apply code “countdown19“, you will get a bonus $10 Swychable gift cards. The gift card can be “swyched” for anything else in the app. There’s a limit of 1 use per account. Works for both existing and new customers.

swych lowe's

Keep in mind that you can no longer earn 5X at Swych, so just use a card that earns at least 2%.

$5 Signup Bonus

If you don’t have a Swych account, you can get a small bonus by signing up through a referral. To get the $5 credit, download Swych and use code ‘danny05A933’ to sign up or use my referral linkYou can not stack the signup bonus and this promotion together though.

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