Swych App, $115 Best Buy Gift Card For $100 When You Send Gift To Friend

Send an Appliance card and they will get up to 15% in bonuses on select brands. You purchase the Appliance card as a gift to a friend, and they can swych it for another card. The friend can get 15% in bonuses based on which brand they choose. Brands include Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Best Buy and more.

swych best buy

Be sure to select For a Friend on the Gift tab, and select their mobile number.** Then search for Appliance card. Use promo code SWAN at checkout to save 1% now and earn 2% cash back toward future purchases. Expires on 12/21/17 at 11:59 pm ET.

$5 Signup Bonus

If you don’t have a Swych account, you can get a small bonus by signing up through a referral. To get the $5 credit, download Swych and use code ‘danny05A933’ to sign up or use my referral link.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

A decent deal with an extra step. You can also get 5X Ultimate Rewards when purchasing with a Chase Ink Plus/Bold/Cash through PayPal.

2 thoughts on “Swych App, $115 Best Buy Gift Card For $100 When You Send Gift To Friend

  1. Hi Danny — you’ve done well highlighting these deals. I’d held off as I haven’t as yet figured out how to load two different swych accounts to the same family cell phone. Doc yesterday caught something (without emphasizing it) that gives me serious pause.

    “This promotion is intended for your own personal use. Selling this card to another user is a violation of Swych’s Terms of Service Agreement. If the card you purchase becomes listed for sale on another, secondary market website or sold to another user, Swych is not responsible for any balance on the card, nor will Swych honor any claims for refunds or reimbursement.”

    This is NASTY. So in effect, Swych is telling us that never mind the whole nature of their business “swytching,” that if you the end swych decides to resell the card you selected — and if it goes bad (which has happened to me several times this past year), that sorry dude, you’re on your own…. and swych won’t stand behind the product they sold you.

    Am I over-reacting here? If I’ve got this right, for re-sellers, Swych is much too dangerous. (and in future posts, seems you ought to include warning to this effect) Either that or you (and Doc and others) need to let your swych handlers know of the problem

    • I believe that language has always been there, but yes, I would tread lightly with Swych. Usually it’s small amounts anyway, but I’m sure there’s some people that have managed to scale it up.

      As for two accounts in same cell, I’m not sure if that’s possible. I have a family member with a different account on their cell phone who I can gift to.

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