Stop&Shop Places Limit of $2,000/Day on Gift Card Purchases

Stop&Shop Places Limit of $2,000/Day on Gift Card Purchases

Stop&Shop is a popular location for gift card purchases. They sell $500 Visa and Mastercard gift cards, and often they have promotions where you can earn 2X or 3X fuel points on these purchases. That gives you a profit through credit card rewards and huge gas savings at Shell gas stations or their stores’ fuel centers.

Until now the limit on gift card purchases has been $5,000 per day. But some time this month, the gift card purchase limit has been reduced to $2,000 per day. A sign posted in some stores also clearly states that this is a limit per day across all Stop&Shop stores. Additionally, you are only allowed to use one form of payment for your purchases.

This is the image that was posted by Doctor of Credit:

Stop&Shop gift card limits

I haven’t seen this sign posted at my local stores, but it’s possible that I have just missed it. I usually purchase less than $2,000 on every trip anyway, since I have a few locations nearby.

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