Stop&Shop/Giant/Martin’s: 4X Fuel Points on Visa Gift Cards (Dec. 11-17)

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Stop&Shop/Giant/Martin’s: 4X Fuel Points on Visa Gift Cards

Stop&Shop supermarkets have a promotion starting tomorrow that could get you cheap or free gas, or a discount on groceries. You will earn extra rewards when you purchase Visa gift cards and several others. It gets even better now that many issuers are offering additional rewards at supermarkets. Looks like Martin’s and Giant don’t have the Visa gift card part of the promotion showing in their ads, but it should work there as well.


  • Earn 4x Points when you purchase any Visa gift cards
  • Earn 10x Points when you purchase select Happy gift cards
  • Earn 10x Points when you purchase Bass Pro Shops gift cards
  • Earn 10x Points when you purchase Cabela’s gift cards

Offer is valid in-store only between 12/11 – 12/17/2020.

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Offer Terms

  • Offer redeemed when you present your Card at checkout and will be applied to your grocery order before taxes and after all other coupons and savings are applied.
  • Valid 12/11 – 12/17/2020.

Using GO Points

For every 100 points are worth $0.10 off per gallon on your fill up of up to 20 gallons, or 30 gallons in some states. The more you can pump in one transaction, the better the deal gets. If you buy more than one gift card, you’ll obviously get more points. But you can only redeem up to 1500 points per transaction at some locations, which is $1.50 off per gallon. Some places you can use even more, up to free gas.

Points can be redeemed at gas stations at these supermarkets, or participating Shell locations which can be found here.

Don’t buy too many cards if you don’t drive much, as point expire in 30 days or at the end of the following month. Also try to fill up with an empty tank to maximize your profits. Read more here on how to use your points for gas discounts and see the new option introduced now to use the points on groceries as well.

Guru’s Wrap-up

A great deal for savings on gas, or even on groceries if you don’t drive much. The extra points are in addition to the rewards that your earn with some of the best cards for grocery purchases. Now you have even more option, as many issuers have improved earning on groceries.

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