Stop&Shop/Giant, Get $30 in Savings with Purchase of $200 in Best Buy Gift Cards

Stop & Shop, Giant and martin’s supermarkets have a coupon that will save you money on groceries when you buy Best Buy gift cards. This coupon can be stacked with the current fuel promotion on Best Buy gift cards and also spending offers that you might have on your Hilton, or Hyatt cards.

  • Save $30 instantly when you buy $200 or more in Best Buy® Gift Cards ($30 minimum grocery spend required). Exp: 11/06/2018

stop shop best buy 30 off 200

Offer Terms

  • Offer redeemed when you present your Card at checkout and will be applied to your grocery order before taxes and after all other coupons and savings are applied.
  • Grocery order calculation excludes gift cards, alcohol, tobacco and any other purchase prohibited by law.
  • Offer can only be redeemed once.
  • While gift card supplies last.

Stacking Options

Guru’s Wrap-Up

A nice offer and great timing since it can be stacked with a few other promotions. If you do not have the offer for the Hyatt or Hilton cards, then you can just use some of the best cards for supermarket and grocery purchases.

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8 thoughts on “Stop&Shop/Giant, Get $30 in Savings with Purchase of $200 in Best Buy Gift Cards

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  3. Excellent and timely scoop, Danny, thank you! If I read this right, this is even better than tomorrow’s MCGC 2x deal. (and so we’ll head over the Blue Ridge to our nearest Martin’s today, before the Best Buy 10x promo expires.) In effect, I’ll get 2,000 fuel points (or $2.00 per 25 gallons at Martin’s), for a net no cost on the $200 worth of Best Buy cards…. Wow. (and that’s before figuring in benefit from my spg lux groc. promo)

    Yes, I see we have to buy $30 in groceries — and oddly enough, we don’t usually buy that much regular groceries at Martin’s (except they have all sorts of great specials on as of today, so no problem there!)

    Curio: In checking my Martin’s on-line coupons, I multiple excellent gift card deals — though each with a requisite grocery purchase to get the discount…. (e.g. $10 off a $50 Staples card — same for Kohls, Gamestop, Kohls, etc.)

    Question arises — will we need to buy $10 of additional groceries to get the $10 off for each gc, or will say the one $30 groceries purchase — suffice for multiple gift cards.

    • Pretty sweet deal. I already bought some Best Buy gcs for the fuel points, but i have to grab some more now with this new coupon. We’re limited to 1.50 discount per gallon here 🙁

      Thanks for heads up on the other promos.

      I think buying a few gcs together should work for multiple $10 offs. If i remember correctly.

      • To clarify a bit more on available gc promos, at least via Martin’s, I see:

        $30 off $200 Best Buy (as you featured — again, wow for today)
        $30 off $200 Lowes (!)
        $20 off $100 Bed Bath & Beyond
        $20 off $100 Air BnB
        $10 off $50 Staples
        $10 off $50 Macy’s
        $10 off $50 Kohl’s
        $10 off $50 Ulta
        $10 off $50 GameStop
        $10 off $50 Bath & Body Works

        all good deals — and most easily re-sellable too….. (and then some)

        These coupons all expire soon — on Nov. 6th.

        I’ve even got a $5 off $40 grocery purchase coupon now showing too

        Will call Martin’s central — to see if I can get some advance clarity on if the same grocery purchase will indeed count towards satisfying min. purchase across multiple cards.

          • Glad to help. I spoke to three different Martin’s representatives — and got three different answers. At a local Martin’s, they thought that the same grocery purchase could apply across multiple gift card discounts. (and she thought they did and could honor each one) At the central Martin’s #, the first rep. was uncertain, so she referred me to Martin’s consumer affairs — and she was quite certain that nope, it’s “one gift card discount per transaction.” I was startled and she then checked with her supervisor who apparently reiterated the same. I then told her that policy is not at all clear from the fine print on each coupon. Oh my….

            I may then do a test transaction today, the Best Buy plus maybe a Staple card….

            Anybody else have experience with past Giant/Stop n Shop/Martin’s gift card discount requirements?

            • Thanks again. I’ll have to check myself as well. I probably mention it somewhere in old posts, but can’t find anything.

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