Stop&Shop/Giant/Martin’s: Earn 8X Fuel Rewards on eBay Gift Cards

Stop & Shop, Giant and Martins supermarkets have a new promotion starting today that can save you money on your next gas station fill up. From 4/20/2018 to 4/26/2018 you can earn 8x fuel points when you purchase any eBay, Bass Pro Shops and Red Robin Gift Card. You have to present your Stop & Shop card when purchasing the gift cards.

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Using Fuel Points

These gas rewards have been devalued lately, but here’s how it works now. Every 100 points are worth $0.10 off per gallon on your fill up of up to 20 gallons. If you buy a $100 eBay gift card for example you would earn 800 points. That would be $0.80 off per gallon. Multiply that by how many gallons you can pump in one fill up, to calculate your profits. The limit is 20 gallons. The more you can pump in one transaction, the better the deal gets. Ideally you would get $16 off 20 gallons with the purchase of a $100 eBay gift card.

If you buy more than one gift card, you’ll obviously get more points but you can only redeem up to 1500 points per transaction at some locations, which is $1.50 off per gallon. Some places you can use even more.

Points can be reedemed at Stop & Shop gas stations and at participating Shell locations which can be found here. In New Jersey, savings apply after fueling at the posted price and will appear on the receipt. If you don’t have a Stop&Shop near you, the deal should be available at Grant as well.

Don’t buy too many cards if you don’t drive much and try to fill up with an empty tank to maximize your profits. I usually drive about 1300 miles per month, so this offer should add up to some nice savings.

Read more here on how to use your points.

Gas Rewards Details

  • Total discount cannot exceed price per gallon
  • The discount can only be used on one vehicle, limited to the tank’s capacity, not to exceed 20 gallons
  • Earned points are available for redemption within 24 hours
  • Gas Rewards points are valid for 30 days from the day they are earned; your date of purchase is Day 1
  • Your available points will be redeemed in 100 point increments (worth 10 cents off per gallon)

Guru’s Wrap-Up

eBay is probably the best option. It’s great if you open shop on eBay but even if you resell the cards you can get some decent gas savings. Make sure you use a credit card that earns most points at supermarkets and grocery stores to get as much as 6% back. This quarter you can also use a Discover it or Chase Freedom card  to earn 5% at grocery stores.

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2 thoughts on “Stop&Shop/Giant/Martin’s: Earn 8X Fuel Rewards on eBay Gift Cards”

  1. Interesting the new restrictions you mention on the Stop n Shop side of the deal. For those of us lucky enough to imbibe the same general promo this week via Martin’s, there’s NO limit on points accumulated and applied to a gas purchase, and you can fill-up one vehicle (plus cans) up to 25 dollars at the Martin’s Fuel Centers. (Unlike Kroger, just one vehicle permitted)

    The recent 3x Visa Gift card deal was even better. 8x on ebay is tempting, but unless I have an actual use for ebay gift cards, the math not as compelling as the vgc. (esp. as my nearest Martin’s is literally on the other side of the mountain ridge in these parts)

    (The math….to get a $2.00 gallon discount on a 25 gallon fill-up, that would be worth $50. But I’d have to buy $250 worth of ebay gc’s…. But best private re-sale rates for ebay are about 90+%, meaning it would cost about $23 or so, about half of the gas savings benefit…. — and yes, not figuring in the 5-6% from the cc savings.) May work better for others…

    fun to have so many gas savings options these days to consider — and will become more serious for many, if the Saudis achieve their target of doubling current crude prices. (this past week’s news — my day job, actually)

    1. I’m not familiar much with Giant and Martin’s. That’s much better with no limit and easier if they have their own gas stations. Here i have to go to a Shell gas station which is usually more expensive than others.

      That 3x deal on vgcs was definitely better.

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