Groupon, Get $10 Stockpile Gift Card For $4

Stockpile is a website that lets you buy gift cards that can then be redeemed for a variety of stocks. You can also redeem their gift cards for other merchant gift cards as well, if you’re not interested in stock. Right now Groupon has a deal where you can buy a $10 Stockpile gift card for $5. You can then apply promo code SALE3 for 20% off, which makes the final cost $4.

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Guru’s Wrap-Up

You can swap this for a Target Gift Card for example. which is probably the best option. You’re limited to only one $10 gift card per Groupon account, which is a very small limit, but could be worth doing for some savings or a small profit. If you’re interested in investing also check out the Robinhood free-trading app.

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