Issues With Latest Staples Visa/Mastercard Gift Card Deal

Staples has a Visa and Mastercard gift card deal that started yesterday and will last through November 18th. You get a $15 Staples Gift Card via easy rebate when you purchase $300 or more in Visa or Mastercard gift cards. Th deal is a bit different from other ones, since it’s running for two weeks, but there’s also issues this time around.

staples Visa/Mastercard Gift Card Deal

There’s a few reports already that the rebate form is not printing out with the receipt. The issue is with the Blue Visa Gift Cards, which have always worked in the past, but are not triggering the rebate for this deal since the SKU is not included in the sale.

These are the SKUs that are listed in the ad:

  • 374172
  • 374177
  • 763602
  • 763604
  • 763607
  • 866291
  • 192695
  • 725725
  • 763603
  • 763608
  • 763455

Let me know if you were able to get your rebate.

6 thoughts on “Issues With Latest Staples Visa/Mastercard Gift Card Deal

  1. Same happened to me. I’m located in Los Angeles, CA. This morning I purchased two $200 VGCs and the rebate didn’t print. The manager of the store went to the back office and handed me a blank rebate form (which I didn’t really need). He also told me that the number immediately below the bar code on my receipt, is the rebate number. So on the Staples Easy Rebates website I filled out the rebate as I usually do and included that number as my rebate number. After hitting the send button, I got an email from Staples informing me that it’s going through a 72-hr verification process. We’ll see if it ends up processing correctly, or not…

    • I forgot to add that the cashier checked the SKUs of the VGCs I bought and they WERE listed in the ad. But the rebate still didn’t print, so it’s also happening for cards with SKUs included in the ad…

        • UPDATE: Today I got a confirmation email from Staples informing me that the Rebate is processing. So what I must have done, worked. I simply typed in the bar code at the bottom of my receipt and it worked. So I guess there’s no need for a rebate form if, on the back end, they match that receipt number to the promo. I’m hoping this won’t be the way these Staples rebates works from now on….

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