Get $15 Staples GC With $300+ Purchase Of Visa/MasterCard Gift Cards 9/3-9/9

Starting on Sunday 9/3/17 through 9/9/17, Staples is offering a $15 Staples Gift Card via easy rebate when you purchase $300 or more in Visa or Mastercard gift cards. The $15 rebate will already give you a small profit, but when combined with one of the Chase Ink cards [5X Ultimate Rewards] or Amex SimplyCash [5% back] the deal becomes much better.

staples visa mastercard deal

The deal is valid in store only. You can only receive one rebate per household, so you might need the help of friends and relatives to use more than one address when you fill out the rebate forms online.

You’re limited to $2,000 in gift card purchases every day, including the fees.

How To Get Rebate

If your purchase includes at least $300 in Visa or Mastercard gift cards during the promotion period, an additional rebate receipt will print out when the order is completed. The rebate information is also printed at the bottom of your regular receipt.

Save one of the receipts and fill out the rebate form online here, to receive your $15 Staples Gift Card. Choose ‘In a STORE’, enter the Easy Rebate ID from your receipt and then fill out your information on the next page. It will take a few weeks for the Rebate Cards to arrive in the mail.

How to Maximize Profits

The best way to maximize the offer, would be to purchase two $200 Visa Gift Cards for every transaction. The total cost will be $413.90 and you’ll already make a profit of $1.10 after the $15 rebate. But on top of that you will also receive 2,070 Chase UR points if you’re using your Chase Ink cards.

You could also purchase a $200 card and a $100 card to trigger the rebate. You would save $1 but you would lose out on 500 Ultimate Rewards points on the extra $100 in spend.

How To Liquidate Gift Cards

Visa gift cards can be liquidated by buying money orders at Walmart or at various grocery stores and other locations. The PIN is already set as the last 4 digits of the card number.

Mastercard Gift Cards are not as easy to use. You can still use them at WalMart to purchase money orders, but you need to quickly hit cancel on the keypad after swiping to switch to debit. Your local Post Office is also a viable option to purchase money orders, but it varies by location.

Both types of cards can also be used for bill pay at Walmart and Kmart.

The Staples Gift Cards that you receive through this offer can only be used at Staples, or could be sold at a loss for about $13.

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5 thoughts on “Get $15 Staples GC With $300+ Purchase Of Visa/MasterCard Gift Cards 9/3-9/9

  1. my go-to Staples takes the $15 Staples GC as partial payment for my VGC purchases. I know it is YMMV and I’m glad the store manager takes it.

  2. Woo-hoo! Another week, another one Staples GC offer. Frankly, I wish it were always the $20 VGC, rather than the Staples GC, but this one works too. Thanks for the heads up.

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