New $200 VGCs At Office Depot With $4.95 Fee

Office Depot is now selling a new Visa gift card called the Dining Anywhere gift card. It is a variable load card that can be loaded with a minimum of $20 and up to $200. It’s not reloadable. This is a PIN enabled card with PIN being the last four digits of the card number.

Dining Everywhere VGC.jpeg

This is issued by Meta Bank so it should work like other Visa gift cards they issue. It also says that you can use it “for restaurants and bars, everywhere Visa debit is accepted, even online.”

Obviously for MS purposes you’d be interested in the highest load possible, which is $200. The card has a $4.95 activation fee, which is a 2.475% cost. This is not as good of a deal as OneVanilla cards for example that only have a ~1% fee, but better than other Visa and Mastercard gift cards sold at office supply stores that cost $6.95, a 3.475% fee.

As you probably already know, you can use cards such as Chase Ink or Amex SimplyCash Plus to earn 5x at office supply stores.

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