[OOS] Hurry! 11% Off Lowe’s Gift Cards On eBay

PayPal Digital Gift is selling discounted Lowe’s Gift Cards on eBay. Buy a $200 Lowe’s Gift Card and get a $25 bonus card.

Lowe's Gift Cards

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Hurry, this won’t last long. You no longer earn 5X with Chase Ink Cash/Plus/Bold cards through PayPal (Bold MC could still work) but you should get at least 2X in credit card rewards with other cards. This deal should be great for personal use, or could get you free credit card rewards, depending on reselling relationship.

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8 thoughts on “[OOS] Hurry! 11% Off Lowe’s Gift Cards On eBay

    • wondering how those 1,250 buyers who got this knew about it. (I’d been checking the ebay gift cards page several times this past hour — saw nothing like this)

        • in general, if I have the time, I go to the ebay web site, then click on gift cards, then watch for whatever “discount deal” page they have up at the moment. (For the past few days, the banner headline is “Up to 10% off their top brands” — even as many of the deals are beyond 10%…) Have long suspected though that I miss ebay/ppdg quick deals — as they may show up elsewhere… ?

          While I’m at it, do you or any readers here know of any places/forums where the giftcard trading “community” (if there is such a thing) chats & discusses such matters? (have a hunch though that the nature of this enterprise works against such forums…. e.g., selfishness, keeping the circle small, restrictions on public discussions by certain resellers, etc., etc…..)

          If there was such a forum, I’d be all over wondering about the rather startling surge in raise.com Lowe’s listings just in the past few hours. Less than six hours ago, they still had about 3,100 Lowe’s listings. Now, suddenly, the total is up over 4,200…. (and over 1,000 new listings are of the $100 cards…. @ 4%…..)

          Never saw anything like this before. So where did these new 1,000 cards come from? Was there a new sale on Lowe’s cards somewhere else today that we missed? Is Raise now permitting another reselling company to unload in massive bulk accumulated Lowe’s stock via Raise? (arbitrage) Or is this merely the pent-up delayed selling from the apparently unrestricted ppdg sale of Lowe’s two days ago? The manipulators and free-marketeers will say, who cares? Inquiring minds … are curious. Will be “interesting” to see how long it takes for this massive supply to move….

          • correction — was referring at the end to the seemingly unrestricted ppdg direct sale of the Lowe’s $100 cards – from four days ago. Still, that seems unlikely that such pent up selling pressure would all be unleashed in one new 1,000 dump of $100 cards. (this reeks more of one single super high volume seller / player working behind the scenes with raise….)

          • Im not very big into gift card communities. And I’m somewhat disconnected on weekends.

            I usually see them on ebays daily deals page > other > gift cards and I start checking around 11am on weekdays.

            • Ah yes, gift card selling (like nasdaq of the late 90’s) thrives on darkness….. You remind me of my neighbor from long ago, Jim Croce (Lyndel, PA)… and his line, “you don’t spit into the wind.” 🙂 I see another 1k of 100 Lowe’s cards are being added here under cover of late night darkness on raise….. will have a rather blunt question or two waiting for my own b.s. account manager tomorrow. Ah, but it IS fascinating…. (but let’s not say anything)

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