Kroger, Save $3.95 on $50 Mastercard or Visa Gift Card


Kroger, Save $3.95 on $50 Mastercard or Visa Gift Card

If you make a trip to Kroger in the next few days, you could take advantage of this small deal for Mastercard or Visa gift cards.

  • Save $3.95 when you buy ONE $50 Mastercard or $50 Visa gift card. Expires May 19.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

We don’t have Kroger here, so I’m not sure what the fee is on these gift cards, but it should be around the same amount I would think. Should be worth buying if you are at the store already. You can make this deal even better if you use a credit card that earns most points at supermarkets and grocery stores to get as much as 6% back. Right now you can also earn 5X with some Chase Cards, and some Amex cards have increased earning on groceries.

HT: Friend Benjy

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