5% Off $100 Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards

kroger gift card deal 5% Off Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards

Update: This offer is available again for $100 Visa or Mastercard gift cards. Use promo code FIVE2023 to get the 5% discount. You should also earn 4x fuel points, which makes this a good deal. See offers here.

Kroger has a new gift card deal online only. You can get a discount of 5% on Visa and Mastercard gift cards. This only applies to denominations from $25 to $100, with the latter being obviously the best option. But these cards come with a fee, so this will not be a money making deal. 


Offer Terms

  • Offer valid December 1-10, 2021
  • Maximum discount allowed is subject to a maximum sum of $50 per customer.

Guru’s Wrap-up

These purchases do not code as grocery, so use a card that earns at least 2% back. The deal works best for those who can use the fuel savings. A $100 Visa gift card for example will cost you $101.45 after the discount.


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8 thoughts on “ 5% Off $100 Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards

  1. I am not certain if you must go to your digital coupons page in app or on Kroger’s site and first clip the 4X points digital coupon to get 4X for these purchases.
    I would suggest you check there first to make sure that is clipped. Mine was not clipped yet.

    I just did not see any notes about the 4X points on the offer page linked to the Visa $100 GC online purchase landing page linked here.

    • Thanks again. I don’t have Kroger around here, so I’m skipping it myself and didn’t do that far.

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