[OOS] 15% Off iTunes Gift Cards At Staples, $100 & $50 Denominations

Staples is selling discounted iTunes gift cards at 15% off.  If you have a Chase Ink Plus/Bold/Cash card you can also get an extra 5x in UR points, which makes this deal much better. Just make sure you only get 3 cards per order. If you order more, the other cards won’t be discounted.

iTunes Gift Cards At Staples

Offer Terms

  • iTunes limit of $500 per order total purchase
  • Included in the gift card purchase price is a $1.99 Secure Shipping Fee. This covers trackable shipping through the US Post Office, to ensure safe arrival
  • Staples DOES NOT sell more than $2000 of gift cards in any order due to Federal anti-money laundering regulations

Guru’s Wrap-Up

A decent discount of 15% and you get the Ultimate Rewards points on top of that. Depending on your reselling relationship, you can sell for up to 85% so that would give you free UR points. It’s also great for personal use obviously. Sadly portal do not pay out on gift card purchases at Staples as far as I know, but it doesn’t hurt trying.

Hurry! This won’t last long.

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