Hilton Timeshare Offers for Multiple Destinations (Maui, Los Cabos Etc)

Hilton Timeshare Offers

Hilton Timeshare Offers for Multiple Destinations

Hilton Honors members can get a vacation in multiple destinations plus 25,000 bonus points starting from $179. We don’t see these offers for Hawaii very often, so if you’re planning a trip there, this is worth a read. 

Hilton Grand Vacations Club is the timeshare brand under Hilton. The Hilton vacation club offers a points-based system where you can purchase a certain amount of points and then use them at properties you can afford with the amount of points you have. This is often not a good deal, but attending a presentation about is is. Let’s go over how these offers work and even how to negotiate something better. You can also check out my experience in Las Vegas with a similar offer from Marriott Vacation Club.


  • 5-day/4-night stay for $999 plus tax in Maui
  • 6-day/5-night stay for $699 plus tax in Honolulu
  • 6-day/5-night stay for $699 plus tax in Waikoloa
  • 4-day/3-night stay for $349 plus tax in Los Cabos
  • 4-day/3-night stay for $249 plus tax in Charleston
  • 4-day/3-night stay for $179 plus tax in Hilton Head
  • 4-day/3-night stay for $179 plus tax in Orlando

Offers expire between March 14 and March 31, 2022.

Your stay will be at a participating hotel within the Hilton portfolio of brands (valued at $175-$500/night). Guests will receive 25,000 Hilton Honors Bonus Points after attending the Personal Preview. You have up to 12 months from purchase date to travel. As part of your vacation package, you’ll attend a two-hour Personal Preview and sales presentation. This is mandatory for you and your spouse.

Offers can be found on three separate links. This the first, the second and the third offer.


  • You are not eligible to participate in this promotion if you:
    • have an open, incomplete package requiring attendance at a sales presentation,
    • have attended a Hilton Grand Vacations sales presentation at any property within the last year, and/or
    • are an employee of Hilton Grand Vacations, Hilton Worldwide or their affiliates.
  • If married or living together, couples must attend sales presentation together; individuals may purchase separately.
  • Offer valid one per family only.
  • No groups, consisting of more than one couple traveling together, permitted.

Get a Better Deal

The offer you see is not always the absolute best you can get. You can sometimes negotiate for something better. The number of days can vary, the price, and even the bonus points can go as high as 100,000. It’s a good idea to call 844-229-8752 and see if you can receive a better offer than the one presented here. You can often negotiate a better price, or maybe ask for more bonus points. You can even inquire about additional destinations not listed in the offer page.

Hilton Timeshare Offers: Guru’s Wrap-up

These are good offers for those looking for an affordable trip to Hawaii. You will pay $699 for a 5-night stay in Waikoloa or Honolulu for example, and you will also get 25,000 Hilton Honors points. That’s at least a discount of $100, so you actually end up paying about $500 for your Hawaii stay. Maui is much more expensive. But you also have more affordable options such as Hilton Head and Orlando where a 3-night stay plus the 25,000 points will cost you $179.

All these types of offers come with a mandatory sales pitch for Hilton Grand Vacations. You have to sit through that for two hours. They can’t force you to buy anything, but again not everyone can say “no” over and over. And they make those deals sound pretty good. If that’s something you’re not comfortable with, it might be best to skip this Hilton Grand Vacations offer. But if you’ve done this before, or are confident that you will resist the temptation, then could be a good opportunity.

If you are really looking to buy a timeshare, then it is better to look at time share resellers where you will get a much better price. I still do not think it is a good idea, but always see for yourself, add up the costs, and then make a decision.

I did one of these offers recently for Marriott Vacation Club in Vegas. Have you participated in similar timeshare presentations in the past? How did it go and what tips do you have for other readers?


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