Another Hilton Timeshare Offer, Pay $249 and Earn 75,000 Bonus Points

Hilton Timeshare Offer 50K points

Hilton Timeshare Offer, Pay $249 and Earn 75,000 Bonus Points

Hilton Honors members can get a vacation in several destinations, plus 75,000 bonus points, starting from just $249 for the full stay. While these offers pop up intermittently, it’s worth noting that you can often negotiate a better deal if you’re willing to put in some effort. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that there’s a small caveat to these promotions – you’ll need to attend a timeshare presentation. Nonetheless, it’s a small price to pay for a stay that is basically free after you take the bonus points into consideration.

Let’s go over how these offers work and how to possibly get a better bonus. You can also check out my experience in Las Vegas with a similar offer from Marriott Vacation Club.


Guests must purchase one of the following packages:

  • Las Vegas: 4-day/3-night stay + 75,000 bonus Hilton points for $249 plus tax
  • Orlando: 4-day/3-night stay + 75,000 bonus Hilton points for $249 plus tax
  • Myrtle Beach: 4-day/3-night stay + 75,000 bonus Hilton points for $249 plus tax
  • Hilton Head: 4-day/3-night stay + 75,000 bonus Hilton points for $249 plus tax

You have up to 12 months from purchase date to travel. Travel can begin 30 days after purchase of vacation package. As part of your vacation package, you’ll attend a two-hour personal preview and sales presentation of Hilton Grand Vacations, where you’ll learn how you and your family can enjoy the many benefits and privileges of vacation ownership with Hilton Grand Vacations. You can see the offers here. Offer expires May 9, 2023

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase a Hilton Grand Vacations ownership interest. Make sure you also go over the fine print to check your eligibility or any other specific information that could affect you.

Las Vegas

Get a Better Deal

Throughout the years, we’ve come across numerous iterations of these enticing offers. Depending on the promotion, the duration of your stay, pricing, and bonus point offerings can differ, with some deals offering up to a whopping 150,000 points.

That being said, it’s always a wise decision to contact Hilton’s reservations team at 844-229-8752 to explore the possibility of securing an even more attractive package. Through negotiation, you may be able to score a better price, receive additional bonus points, or even discover new vacation spots that aren’t currently featured on the offer page.

Hilton Timeshare Offer: Guru’s Wrap-up

As a travel and deals blogger, I’m always on the lookout for enticing vacation offers. While this Hilton timeshare presentation offer is undoubtedly a good deal, I’ve seen bonuses skyrocket to a staggering 150K points in the past. With the current deal, a 3-night stay can be yours for just $249, and you’ll receive 75,000 Hilton Honors points, valued at a minimum of $300. Essentially, you’ll be earning a small profit and receiving a complimentary stay.

However, keep in mind that these promotions come with a mandatory sales pitch for Hilton Grand Vacations, which lasts for two hours. Although they cannot compel you to make a purchase, repeatedly saying “no” may prove challenging for some individuals. Moreover, the deals they offer may sound too good to resist. If you’re not comfortable with this arrangement, it’s best to forego this Hilton Grand Vacations offer. But if you’ve attended similar presentations before or are confident in your ability to resist temptation, then this could be an excellent opportunity for you.

If you’re genuinely interested in purchasing a timeshare, I recommend exploring timeshare resellers as they often offer much better prices. However, I still don’t believe buying a timeshare is a good idea for everyone. It’s important to run the numbers and factor in all costs before making a decision as everyone’s travel needs and circumstances differ.

Have you attended a similar timeshare presentation in the past? If so, how did it go, and what tips can you share with fellow readers?

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2 thoughts on “Another Hilton Timeshare Offer, Pay $249 and Earn 75,000 Bonus Points

  1. Hello, follows: All timeshare deals look very enticing but you must be prepared mentally and emotionally to sit through in a high pressure sales presentation that will wear you down and drain your energy.
    If you sign a contract under pressure, you can cancel it between 5 – 10 days depending on the state where the purchase was made without any penalties. Please note that timeshares are not cheap especially if you are financing it with a loan. The interest rate can be as high as 18%. A $30,000 timeshare may cost you about $60,000 in 7 years. You should be able to afford not only mortgage payments, but also the club dues, maintenance fees, and other charges over the life of your ownership or membership. If you do not feel comfortable after signing your contract, you should cancel it. Always read the contract and sales documents right away to make sure how the program work. It will not be as easy as presented. Good luck.

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