Gyft, $50 Lowe’s Gift Card For $45 Plus 5X

Gyft is selling discounted Lowe’s gift cards. You can purchase a $50 Lowe’s Gift Card for $45 when you use promo code HOLIDIY at checkout.

As a reminder , if you have a Chase Ink Plus or cash card you can also earn 5X when paying through PayPal.

There’s been a lot of Lowe’s gift card deals lately so keep that in mind if you’re going to resell these. If you’re using them for yourself then don’t forget about the target Amex offer for more savings at Lowe’s.

7 thoughts on “Gyft, $50 Lowe’s Gift Card For $45 Plus 5X

  1. hmmmm…… did this modest deal last month, 5 times. Now, when I try the new deal, encounter this unanticipated error message:

    “Sorry, you’ve reached the maximum number of gift cards you can purchase with a credit card in a 30 day period. Please use another method of payment.”

    Pray tell what would another method of payment be? And…. since when does Gyft have such a limit?

    • Hm never seen that before. If it really is a limit on number of gift cards you can purchase monthly then I guess it might be best to skip small denominations in the future. Do you know how many you have purchased in last 30 days?

      • follow-up from gyft, replying to my query:

        “Apologies for the hassles checking out. We recently made some changes to our payment policies. We are now allowing our customers to make up to 5 transactions per 30 days using credit card. This limit is excluded when purchasing using our other payment sources (Paypal and Bitcoin).”

        (still not seeing this anywhere on the gyft web site….)

        One wonders if an Ink transaction via paypal will still earn the 5 UR points / $

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