DDG Exclusive, $115 Lowe’s Gift Card For $97 Plus 5X With Few Extra Steps

There’s been a few Lowe’s deals recently, and now there’s yet another one. This one is from Swych, exclusively for Danny the Deal Guru readers. Well, you are not really required to be a regular readers, you just need the promo code anyway. This deal is a bit more complicated than usual, so read it carefully and decide if it’s worth it. The final price of $97 (includes $2 Swych credit) for a $115 Lowe’s gift card is pretty good though, a 15.7% discount plus 5X UR points.

discounted lowe's gift cards

How It Works

  • The catch is that the card must be given as a gift. Select a friend and choose the Applicance card.
  • Using our exclusive promo code STEELDESIGN you save 1% off face value on a card up to $100.
  • The recipient can swych that Appliance card for a number of different merchants, Lowe’s being the best option since it gets you a 15% premium. So you get $115 worth of in a  Lowe’s Gift Card for that $100 Appliance Card.
  • Finally, the sender also gets 2% back in Swych points that can be used towards a future purchase.

$5 Signup Bonus

If you don’t have a Swych account, you can get a small bonus by signing up through a referral. To get the $5 credit, download Swych and use code ‘danny05A933’ to sign up or use my referral link.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

A 15.7% discount on Lowe’s Gift Cards is probably the best we’ve seen and you also get 5X Ultimate Rewards when purchasing with a Chase Ink Plus/Bold/Cash through PayPal. The deal is not really the most straightforward though, and you have to gift the gift card to someone, uou can’t buy it for yourself.

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    • I didn’t get a definite answer but it’s possible that it won’t work if you did the doc deal. Maybe a few more readers can chime in.

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