More Discounted Gift Cards On Ebay, Plus 2% Cash Back And 5x With Ink

There’s some new offers from PPDG on eBay’s Discounted Gift Cards section besides a few older offers that are still up. You can get 10% off Southwest, 16% off Domino’s and Applebee’s, 20% off TGI Friday’s and more.

There’s also discounted gas gift cards from SVM, but watch out for cash advance fees.

Discounted Gift Cards

Gift cards sold from PPDG can earn you an extra 5x back in UR points when you use your Chase Ink Plus card.

Also try a cash back portal. Ibotta has tracked my gift card purchases with 2% cash back on eBay. The eBay offer is no longer showing on my Ibotta app, but hopefully you see it on yours. They cap cashback to $10 per transaction.

Keep in mind that Ebay Bucks can no longer be earned on any Gift Card purchases.

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