Buy Discounted Gift Cards On eBay; Cabella’s 20% Off, ExxonMobil 8% Off And More

PPDG and SVM on eBay are selling several discounted gift cards today. Besides the discount, you can also earn 5X Ultimate Rewards if they’re sold by PPDG or credit card points if the seller is SVM.

discounted gift cards on eBay

PPDG Gift Cards

  • Buy a $150 Best Buy Gift Card & get a bonus $15 eBay Code
  • Buy $50 Darden Gift Card, get an additional $10 code
  • $100 Petco Gift Card for only $90

SVM Gift Cards

These gift cards do not earn 5X with Chase Ink cards, so just use a card that will give you at least 2% back.

  • $100 Cabella’s Gift Card for only $80
  • $50 ExxonMobil Gas Gift Card For Only $46
  • $100 Gift Card For Only $90
  • $100 CVS Gift Card For Only $90

Find all of the discounted gift cards here.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Some cards could make a small profit or earn free UR points, depending on your reselling relationship. Otherwise, you can just net some nice savings for personal use.

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