Discounted Gift Cards On Ebay, Plus 5x UR Points

There’s some new discounted gift cards that were added to eBay’s Daily Deals today. Gift cards sold from PPDG can earn you an extra 5x back in UR points when you use your Chase Ink Plus/Bold/Cash card. There’s also a few sold by SVM that won’t earn any extra points, so just use a card that will give you maximum rewards for non-bonused spend.

discounted gift cards on ebay

PPDG Gift Cards

SVM Gift Cards

  • $100 Barnes & Noble Gift Card For Only $90
  • $100 AutoZone Gift Card For Only $90
  • $100 CVS Gift Card For Only $90
  • $100 Kansas City Steaks Gift Card For Only $80
  • $50 Hyatt Gift Card For Only $47.50

Guru’s Wrap-Up

You can get some decent discounts here especially on the PPDG deals that can be combined with 5x UR points. There could even be some small moneymaking opportunities depending on your reselling relationship. Keep in mind that Ebay Bucks can no longer be earned on any Gift Card purchases.

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