Discounted Gift Cards On eBay; BB&B, Lowe’s, Groupon,, Babies”R” Us & More

There’s new discounted gift cards that were released today on eBay. These gift cards give you a decent discounted if you have any purchases planned at those merchants and maybe earn some cheap credit card rewards. Sadly, there’s been some changes recently and you can no longer earn 5X for gift card purchases from PayPal Digital Gifts (PPDG).

Discounted Gift Cards On eBay

New Discounted Gift Cards

Find all of the available discounted gift cards here.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Decent offers that we’ve seen and also keep in mind that you can no longer earn 5X obviously these deals are not as good as in the past. You can still earn 2.3X with Amex Blue for Business, or even 5X if you have an old Ink Bold MC.

I would suggest signing up for instant Notifications For New Deals From Danny the Deal Guru, so you don’t miss out on these deals in the future.

2 thoughts on “Discounted Gift Cards On eBay; BB&B, Lowe’s, Groupon,, Babies”R” Us & More

  1. all good catches & updates, thanks. Seems some of these cards (like Cabela’s) are being repeat offered frequently.

    • Yeah sorry for sending 2 notifications on same post, but posted too early first time and wanted to let readers know about the new offers.

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