Discounted Gift Cards On eBay; Save At Staples, Lowe’s,, Uber Etc

Update: Staples deal is live.

There’s new discounted gift cards that were released today on eBay. These gift cards give you a nice discounted if you have any purchases planned at those merchants and maybe earn some cheap credit card rewards. Sadly, there’s been some changes recently and you can no longer earn 5X for gift card purchases from PayPal Digital Gifts (PPDG).

Discounted Gift Cards On eBay

New Discounted Gift Cards

Find all of the available discounted gift cards here.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Pretty good offers that shouldn’t last long but keep in mind that you can no longer earn 5X obviously these deals are not as good as in the past. You can still earn 3X with an AT&T Access More, 2.3X with Amex Blue for Business, or even 5X if you have an old Ink Bold MC.

I would suggest signing up for instant Notifications For New Deals From Danny the Deal Guru, so you don’t miss out on these deals in the future.

15 thoughts on “Discounted Gift Cards On eBay; Save At Staples, Lowe’s,, Uber Etc

      • Unknown / good question. (hoping the latter) When using your link, have been seeing this unusual message:

        This listing (**********) has been removed, or this item is not available.
        Please check that you’ve entered the correct item number
        Listings that have ended 90 or more days ago will not be available for viewing.

          • **#$#@ — and already OOS. (wish I’d seen your comment….. got an alert from another “service” at 2:15 — and it was gone 3 minutes later)

            • what’s really irritating here is somehow, somebody somewhere (2,000 of them) knew this thing was live — or they had access, while the rest of us did not.

              • Well, thanks for the try. Figures I’d just cleared out my cache half hour ago — in part as I realized (to my consternation) that your service apparently is causing my moniker to reveal my email address. (and can’t have that — so will be retiring that id entirely)

                • so many ways for our privacy/id to be compromised these days. Maybe it wasn’t the id. What’s a “hovercard?” (I just turned it off — though I sure never heard of it before nor gave it permission to such and such…)

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