Cardpool Permanently Shuts Down

Cardpool Shuts Down

Cardpool Permanently Shuts Down

Cardpool has announced that it has shut down for good. The Better Business Bureau issues national warning early in the year about Cardpool, and the company itself had said it was going out of business soon and trying to complete all the pending transactions. Now the day has come, and the announcement is posted on the Cardpool website. “We tried our best to outlast the pandemic, but unfortunately, we couldn’t make it to the end,” the statement reads.

The statement notes that sellers have been paid, but there’s no longer a guarantee for buyers who have purchased gift cards on the site. “Please use your gift cards immediately to prevent loss due to dishonest sellers,” Cardpool says. “If you experience a loss, we [they] encourage you to file a police report.”

You can read the full statement below.


All payments have been processed. If you sold a gift card within the last week, and have not yet received your payment, don’t panic, your payment will arrive shortly.

If your transaction is older than a week, and you have not received your payment, there are three possible reasons. Please read through these and check for the communications mentioned before contacting us.

1. Your transaction was canceled by us.

We send cancelation notices. You may have overlooked it. Please check for messages from us with CANCELED in the subject.

2. You selected payment by bank deposit but miskeyed a number or swapped the account number and routing number.

In most cases, the payment is returned within a week, but it could take longer based on the bank. If we received a return notification, we would have contacted you for revised banking information. However, we don’t always get a notice of return, in which case, we would not have contacted you.

3. You selected payment by gift card but cannot find the email with the gift card information.

The gift card delivery emails are sent from and have the subject Giftcard Received. The messages are delivered to the email address you provide when you submit the transaction. If you use multiple email addresses, please make sure you check all of them. The message may end up in your junk mailbox, so search there as well. If you cannot locate the message, you may have deleted it or miskeyed your email address.

BUYERS – Purchases after 9/1/2020:

All orders have been processed. If you placed an order and are still waiting for it, you likely overlooked the “View EGift” link in the “On its way” email. If you do not see that email, click on the “View Order” button in the confirmation email. When viewing your order, each gift card will have a “View EGift” link under it.

Viewing a gift card requires a verification code sent by text message or phone call. You must type in the 10-digit number that ends in the two digits displayed and click on the text or call button. The number must match to receive a text or call. If your number does not match, the system will not text or call you but will still proceed to the code entry page. Accounts created before 9/1/20 may have had an old phone number migrated. For security reasons, placing a new order does not automatically update the phone number. Please contact us from your registered email address to update the phone number.

We will keep the viewing site up as long as possible. We encourage you to access and use your gift cards as soon as possible. If you cannot use the gift cards immediately, take a screenshot and save it in a secure location. Please note that some users have complained of barcode distortion when printing to a printer or PDF. Taking a screenshot and printing it should prevent distortion.

BUYERS – Purchases before 9/1/2020:

We understand that some of you have unused gift cards in the old mobile wallet or accessible by the old system links. We are working on your requests to provide the unused gift cards.

BUYERS – Purchase Guarantee:

Unfortunately, the guarantee we offered can no longer be honored. Please use your gift cards immediately to prevent loss due to dishonest sellers. If you experience a loss, we encourage you to file a police report. The police can work with the merchant to determine who used your gift card, and they may be able to recover your money.

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