CardCash, 2% Off Amazon Gift Cards Plus 5X UR

CardCash has a sale on Amazon and Nordstrom Gift Cards. Discount is already shown, no promo code is necessary. These will go fast, so hurry if you’re interested.

CardCash amazon gift cards

  • Amazon Sale – Up to 2% Off
  • Nordstrom Sale – Up to 9.55% Off

All CardCash promotions are valid until the expiration date written on the email. Maximum $3,000 per customer.

Additionally you should earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points if you pay with a Chase Ink/Plus card through PayPal.


Only buy these gift cards if you have immediate plans to use them. CardCash only guarantees their cards for 45 days and their gift cards are often drained of partially used. You should definitely use these cards within the 45 days, but preferably within a few days, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of asking for a refund.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This promotion should give you pretty good discounts on Amazon gift cards, especially when stacked with 5X UR.

CardCash gift cards often have problems, but if you have any issues within 45 days they are pretty good at issuing refunds, at least in my personal experience.

If you don’t have an account, you can sign-up through my referral for a $5 sign-up bonus.

3 thoughts on “CardCash, 2% Off Amazon Gift Cards Plus 5X UR

  1. I would not buy any cards from Cardcash. I lost over $400.00 on Hyatt gift cards I purchased from Cardcash. The cards were no good. Already drained before I could use them. Cardcash offered no help. They just sell cards hoping people can use them and hoping people will not complain if they are already used.
    Buyer Beware!!

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