Shuts Down, Leaves Customers Stranded with No Flights or Hotels Shuts Down Shuts Down, Leaves Customers Stranded

It seem that a popular online travel agency,, has shut down. Customers say they’re stranded at resorts right now because Bookit never paid for their vacations. To make matters worse, there is now way to contact anyone at They have closed all call centers. And the company is offering so assistance whatsoever.

A notice posted on the website includes the U.S. State Department’s logo and says:

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis now unfolding, has paused normal operations, and the international destinations we service have closed their borders to arrivals.

Due to the nature of this unprecedented pandemic, we have had to close our call centers in Florida, Jamaica, and El Salvador. This, effectively, means that we will be unable to provide agent assistance in cancelling any upcoming trips.

Many people are complaining of being stranded abroad as Bookit has failed to make reservations that were paid for. They either have to pay out of pocket again, or have no place to stay at all.

The website says that it is currently unable to process refunds and tells customers to contact their bank for options available. Flights and hotel stays are all canceled and those wishing to re-book just have to deal with respective airlines or resorts.

Has anyone booked through recently? Let me know if you are having issues.

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15 thoughts on “ Shuts Down, Leaves Customers Stranded with No Flights or Hotels

  1. I too have no way to contact! Cancelled trip in march! Anybody who is a lawyer to help out how we can go forward with this problem?

    • same here hotel was canceled and had most of it paid off and had to payments left and it canaceled and now cannot get in touch with any body to get money back

  2. We had to cancel trip March 13 for stay March 14-21. Bookit. Said we would get flight vouchers and to contact hotel for refund. Charged 75$ for cancellation. Hotel was never paid. Bookit gone. We lost 4500$


    • I also am in a jam with BookIt, I paid for an Aruba trip for 4 people for May 11-15 , over 4000.00 no refund, no contact.

  4. I just WANT MY MONEY BACK. That’s it and that’s all. Trip to Mexico planned for 4/12/2020. Cancelled due to bookit closing down. I don’t believe this has anything to do with COVID 19. They should at least still have cal centers where WE THE PEOPLE can speak to someone regarding travel plans or even to reschedule. BUT NO they are closed with no one to speak to. If believes they can just steal our money with no repercussions THEY ARE SADLY MISTAKEN I’m gonna right nail and tooth for mine.

    • I agree they are using rhe virus to bail they had to be struggling prior to! Our 15 yr anniversary ruined! Took our money on the 15th of march, closed 17th sent cancellation on the 21st they knew when they took my money on the 15th they were going to cancel and run with our money!! Theft! Fraud! Criminal! We should get a large group together to and file a law suit..these owners belong in jail! Will be working with networks to get then exposed on the news CEO belongs in jail especially for taking advantage of the consumer during these very difficult times!

  5. Everyone is always looking for a bargain as I do too. However, when it comes to something BIG I go to a professional. I don’t pull my own teeth, I go to a dentist. I don’t practice law so I go to a lawyer. When I travel I go to a TRAVEL ADVISOR with years of experience and Better Business Bureau rating too. Those on line booking site are only ORDER TAKERS with no experience. You are giving money to a black box not a face to face human. BUYER BEWARE next time. The TRAVEL ADVISORS are working non-stop to get their clients home and/or rebooking for future travel. I sincerely hope that everyone gets home safe and healthy.

    • That makes zero sense. Travel advisers are the same thing. One day they can disappear and leave you stranded somewhere and take your money. What are you gonna do? Even booking directly with airlines and hotels is not full proof.

  6. Yes we had a trip booked through for December to Jamaica… Got an email that our trip is cancelled after paying about $1000 on the payment plan option. We used them last year and had a great experience. In the email stated they would not be refunding the money. We have had to put in a dispute with the back to see if any money can be recouped. I’ve read reports of people being stranded and one couple getting there luggage seized with diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure meds in the luggage. I feel really bad for all the people stranded right now and wish something would be done to these people who have taken advantage and money from everyone. Such a bad situation for everyone who has lost money.

  7. This type of stuff angers me to no end. Notify your customers and refund their money. Don’t just steal from people and leave them stranded. This is awful.

    • They should go to jail. This is plain theft. They knew they were going out of business and still kept taking people’s money. It did not just happen overnight.

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