Bluebird Reloads Will be Free at Family Dollar, Fee Added Soon at Walmart

Bluebird Reloads Will be Free at Family Dollar, Fee Added Soon at Walmart

Bluebird is a popular prepaid debit card for those looking to increase their credit card spending. If you still have one of these cards (many people have been shut down), then there are some important changes when it comes to reloads. 

Reloads will be free at Family Dollar starting tomorrow and Walmart reloads with incur a fee starting in July. These changes were revealed in an email to customers today. Here’s the full text below:

As a valued Bluebird customer, we wanted to make you aware of some changes happening soon.

Free cash reloads at Family Dollar

Beginning March 30, 2023, cash reloads on your Bluebird card at Family Dollar will be free! You can look up your nearest Family Dollar location here. The process for reloads remains the same – just swipe at the register!

Fee for reloads at Walmart

Also, beginning July 1, 2023, cash reloads at Walmart locations will no longer be free, and will incur a cost of $3.74.  > Add money, add convenience.


The Bluebird Team

The fee for Walmart reloads is the same as the one added for Go Bank Cards back in 2021. It’s not clear if Serve cards will also be affected.

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4 thoughts on “Bluebird Reloads Will be Free at Family Dollar, Fee Added Soon at Walmart

  1. Wow! Great info I am still in the BB game. I will give Family Dollar a try sometime soon. Latley I always have issues trying to load VGC on BB at Walmart. It’s taking mutiple swipes until the register accepts it.

      • Oh wow that very bad news then. If FD won’t take debit card for BB load it could be end to another great run or a small payment to make the process easier.

        When Walmart charges $1 it will take away profits but worse since the cards don’t always work on first swipe it can potentially make more problems or make it easier by removing the problems.

        If it’s a $200 and you say load $199 + $1 charge if & it keeps failing the card may put $1 hold and you would then need to try $198, $197,etc.. making it super difficult process as the cashier would need to get override to cancel the transaction to try lesser amount.

        Or… With the $1 “charge” could trigger the card to work everytime on the first swipe. If that’s $1 maybe worth the headache of having to ask the cashier lets try the card again, again.. while you stand there and sweat having to swipe the card 2-6 time to get it to load before the cashier says I must call bank etc..

        Hopefully more data points will glow in with a change in the process which will become impossible or easier.

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