[OOS] Staples, $50 Cabela’s Gift Cards for $40 Plus 5X (Limit 3)

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Staples has a sale on Cabela’s gift cards. You can purchase a $50 Cabela’s gift card for $40. There’s a limit of 3 per customer. This is a 20% which we often see on eBay but through Staples you can also earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points when using a Chase Ink Plus/Cash credit card, so it is a better offer for many people.

$50 Cabela's Gift Cards for $40

You can also try a portal although I’m not sure if any of them still tracks.

One thought on “[OOS] Staples, $50 Cabela’s Gift Cards for $40 Plus 5X (Limit 3)

  1. Nice to see Staples continue with the discounted gc offerings on-line…. Last week was great; this week; not so. Cabela’s has been selling at 20% off almost everyday (via ebay/svm) since that Florida shooting, and re-sale markets seem saturated…. and even with the nice Chase Ink 5% boost via staples, this deal not so compelling….. (unless you’re an ultra big volume, big discount whatever) Still can’t figure out just how to do just about anything on that alien GCW platform. Need a translation. They claim 79% re-sell rate — but the odds of actually selling at that rate there are what? slim to none before this side of summer?

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