Fluz App Purchases Triggering Shop Small Amex Offer

fluz amex offer

Fluz App Purchases Triggering Shop Small Amex Offer

Fluz is an app that lets purchase gift cards either at a fixed denomination or an amount that you prefer, depending on the merchant. The Fluz app also lets you generate a code you can scan at the register or enter online. You can read my review of the app here and sign up here if you don't have an account.

Now Doctor of Credit is reporting something interesting. A data point shows Fluz App purchases triggering the Shop Small Amex Offer where you get a $5 statement credit for spending $10 at select merchants. This means that you can purchase any of the gift cards that are available on Fluz and you will get $5 back as long as you spend at least $10. You can repeat this 10 times. FluzPay is also showing the Shop Small Map, so everyone should be eligible to use their Amex Offer in the Fluz app.

With Fluz you can buy gift cards such as Amazon, Home Depot, Uber, DoorDash and more. Most brands start at a minimum of $15. You will also earn cashback on these purchases. Amazon for example earns 1% cashback and Home Depot and Uber 2%. Cashback can be used towards your next gift card purchase.

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I made two purchases on July 5th. For the second purchase I used the cashback that I earned from the first.

And two days later the Shop Small Amex Offer credit posted.

I never received the Amex Offer email that usually come as soon as you redeem an offer.

Guru’s Wrap-up

This Shop Small Amex Offer has been generous with what counts as a small business. Many charges that you would not expect, are triggering it such as Fluz App purchases, Kohl’s, Walgreens, Freetaxusa, Patreon payments and more. Let me know if you have noticed any other merchants that unexpectedly triggered the Amex Offer.

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6 thoughts on “Fluz App Purchases Triggering Shop Small Amex Offer

  1. Going to toss my Fluz referral code out there VEEZER10 if anyone needs one to get their extra discount vouchers on sign-up.

  2. That was a great tip!! I have $5 small business both on my AMEX & bluebird accounts. I tested it on both cards and it worked, I also got the extra $5 from Fluz account for setting it up through the app!! My referral code is MAP20901444F0, I wish i had a code to set it up for the first time.

    • Just to follow up my +$5 credits have posted on both AMEX & Bluebird account. Now i have another x18 easy $5 credits to collect 🙂

  3. Has anyone used the app before? If I purchase from Uber or Starbucks does the app produce a GC that can be added to your account for future use or something you need to use or scan at the register right away? The popup message before the purchase is kind of confusing.

    • You can add the uber gift card to your balance. I did it about an hour ago but haven’t received amex offer email yet fwiw.

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