New Yorkers Can No Longer Renew or Sign Up for Global Entry & Other Similar Programs

New Yorkers Global Entry

New Yorkers Can No Longer Renew or Sign Up for Global Entry

The Department of Homeland Security has suspended Global Entry and several other trusted traveler programs for all residents of New York.

Chad Wolf, the Acting Homeland Security Chief, said Wednesday night that all residents of the Empire State will be unable to enroll in the programs that make flying both domestically and internationally smoother. That means that New Yorkers would be immediately barred from enrolling or re-enrolling in Trusted Traveler Programs, including Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI and FAST. Those who are already enrolled will be able to keep using the program’s benefits until it is time to renew.

Wolf further stated that the agency had made its decision after New York passed its Green Light Law which went into effect in December, with a goal to increase public safety and access to public services for an estimated 940,000 undocumented immigrants in the state. It allows them to obtain a driver’s license, and prohibits personal information held by the Department of Motor Vehicles to be used by DHS or its agencies.

These programs are used by millions of low-risk travelers to facilitate the entry of pre-approved travelers at busy United States airports, helping members avoid long customs and border protection lines.

The trusted traveler programs ban for New Yorkers has taken effect immediately. But if you’re not a New Yorker and if you travel frequently it is a good idea to sign up now. Global Entry will help you avoid the longer lines and enroll you in TSA PreCheck as well. Be aware that appointments for the mandatory interview can be booked for months, but there is an easy trick to get around it. Also, check your credit card’s benefits, as many companies will reimburse your $100 fee. You can still use this benefit to sign up for TSA PreCheck, even if you are in New York.

Free Global Entry

These are the cards that will reimburse you $100 for paying for Global Entry, and most of them also give you $85 if you want to go for TSA PreCheck:

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